INTERNAL QUIET stands for the new name in traditional metal music created by guitarist & songwriter Sławomir Papis in town of Aleksandrów Lodzki, Poland. Started initially in May of 2011 as a solo music outfit in a way to create melodic metal songs with a blend of originality and conceptual lyrics, the whole project morphed in 2015 into a full six-piece band joined by other local musicians: bass player Mateusz Stołowski, Dawid Roźniakowski (keyboards), Dominik Kalisz (rhythm guitar), experienced drummer Radosław Jarzyna and singer/frontman Maciej ‘Rocker’ Wróblewski.

After a string of shows in Poland in 2015, the band went into the studio to come out with an effort, which goes straight back to the classic metal riffs combined with melodic hooks and slightly progressive touch in some places.

Recording sessions happened for the most part in hometown Case Studio during the spring of 2016, with the musicians getting along extremely well and creating a spontaneous atmosphere which contributed a lot to the success of the sessions. Although Sławek Papis was on the picture with bringing all songs on the table, they were managing some contributions from other band members – who offered a number of their own arrangements and co-writings to the band that developed a distinctive melodic metal sound in the tradition of Iron Maiden-Stratovarius-Pretty Maids feel, with small hints of progressive in Queensrÿche metal style and echoes of Journey/Toto most rocking songs.

The resulting debut opus entitled ”When The Rain Comes Down” is now finally unleashed to the public, with particular songs offering a ride of original but sentimental metal energy of these Polish beginners. The album is the band’s first ever official studio release and truly captures the band at their best – mastered by famous Grzegorz Piwkowski at High End Audio, Warsaw, PL the cd consists of nine interested and diverse classic metal tracks with the conceptual lyrical themes to interpretate for listeners. With soaring vocals from ‘Rocker’ Wróblewski, a superb vocalist who shows his singing abilities and some exquisite guitar playing from Sławek Papis, this is an album not to be missed and classic metal highlight debut for 2016!

“When The Rain Comes Down” by INTERNAL QUIET is officially released on August 20th 2016 as an independent but exclusive ‘private pressing’ cd in a slipcase format. The album premiere coincide with INTERNAL QUIET first full length concert tour across native Poland as a special guest for iconic metal masters TURBO on the long run of ‘40 plus’ club dates and festivals under ‘Back To The Past’ moniker.

This impressive band needs to be on the “to buy” list for all fans of Iron Maiden, Queensrÿche, Pretty Maids, Stratovarius, Journey, Def Leppard, among others.

Year 2017 is a year of promoting the album, uncountable interviews for the press and radio and, pf course many visits to radiostations. Thanks to this our album “When the Rain Comes Down” has been the album of the week or album of the nonths at many of them. This year is also a year of changes. In November 2017 our long time keyboardist and friend, Dawid Roźniakowski has decided to left the band due to his personal reasons. We thank him for this years together and wish him all the best. Internal Quiet’s decision is not to looking for someone new.

Since today (14.10.2017) we have some fresh blood in the band. Let us introduce to you Paweł “The Bomb” Lachowicz, new Internal Quiet drummer.

The plans for year 2018 are to play again massive tour and to finish the new album.

INTERNAL QUIET will definitely restore your faith in metal music.

Rock The Future!


Sławomir Papis – lead guitars
Dominik Kalisz – rhythm guitars
Mateusz Stołowski – bass gitar & backing vocals
Paweł Lachowicz– drums & percussion
Maciej ‘Rocker’ Wróblewski – vocals