‘When The Rain Comes Down’ now available on vinyl for the first time ever!

On August 20th INTERNAL QUIET will release their eponymous debut full-length, ‘When The Rain Comes Down‘, for the first time ever on vinyl! The album comes out as strictly limited 300 copies black 180g gatefold release with beautiful graphics and new mastering done by one and only Grzegorz Piwkowski at High End Audio.

This fall, INTERNAL QUIET will head out on the road in Poland with The Mind Parasites, Dormant Dissident & Męczenie Owiec for a long run September/December trek. INTERNAL QUIET will be touring in support of their ‘When The Rain Comes Down‘  album – which can be previewed and purchased at:

Pre-order your copy now at band’s website:

There are also some limited packages with T-shirt & cd available.

When The Rain Comes Down‘ track-listing
Side A
1. When The Rain Comes…
2. Chase Your Dreams
3. Energy
4. So Cold
Side B
5. Going Good
6. Rain
7. Last Breath
8. Reaching The Stars

  1. Time To FightINTERNAL QUIET tour dates
    w/ The Mind Parasites, Dormant Dissident, Męczenie Owiec – on selected dates
  2. Sept. 1         ZGIERZ / City Of Power Festival, MOSiR

Sept. 7         NOWY TOMYŚL / Pizzburg

Sept. 8         KALISZ / Urwany Film

Sept. 9        POZNAŃ / Blue Note

Sept. 13         GDAŃSK / Wydział Remontowy

Sept. 14         SŁUPSK / Motor Rock Pub

Sept. 15        ELBLĄG / Mjazzga

Sept. 21        CHOJNICE / Pub Wlad

Sept. 22        CIECHANÓW / Fabryka Zgrzyt

Sept. 28        WROCŁAW / Alive!

Sept. 29        CHORZÓW / Red & Black

Sept. 30        BIELSKO-BIAŁA / Rude Boy

Oct. 5            CZĘSTOCHOWA / Muzyczna Meta

Oct. 6             ŻAGAŃ / Elektrownia

Oct. 7            LUBIN / Ave Cezar

Oct. 11         SZCZECIN / K4 Szczeciński Loft Kultury

Oct. 13         SULĘCIN / U Bulka

Oct. 19        ŁOMŻA / Pop-Art

Oct. 20         WARSZAWA / Potok: Drugi Dom Ludzi Rocka

Nov. 9            MALBORK / Alternatywa

Nov. 10        IŁAWA / Iowa Music Club

Nov. 16         OPOLE / Radio Opole

Nov. 17        JAROCIN / Spichlerz Polskiego Rocka

Nov. 24        SKARŻYSKO-KAMIENNA / Semafor

Nov. 30        KOŁOBRZEG / Centrala

Dec. 1            KOŚCIERZYNA / Exodus

Dec. 7            SANDOMIERZ / Lapidarium

Dec. 8            SIEDLCE / 5 Sztuk

Dec. 9            ŁÓDŹ / Radio Łódź


Tickets available at Eventim:

INTERNAL QUIET 2018 line-up:
Sławomir Papis – guitars
Dominik Kalisz – guitars
Mateusz Stołowski – bass & backing vocals
Paweł Lachowicz – drums
Maciej ‘Rocker’ Wróblewski – lead vocals

INTERNAL QUIET announces 30 shows on ‘When The Rain Comes Tour 2018’!


INTERNAL QUIET one of the most noticeable and appreciated up and coming acts on the Polish hard rock & heavy metal music scene – will embark in the autumn as a headline act on a thirty dates concert tour under When The Rain Comes Down Tour 2018’ moniker.

The tour kicks off with The Quireboys on a prestigious ‘City Of Power’ festival in town of Zgierz PL, after which INTERNAL QUIET will present ‘When The Rain Comes Down’ album in almost all provinces and dozens of cities throughout the country of Poland, where apart from large cities like Wrocław, Szczecin, Poznań, Łódź or Warsaw it will also reach locations that have never been visited by the band so far (Kościerzyna, Iława, Nowy Tomyśl, Sulęcin and many others).

Touring guests and support acts for ‘When The Rain Comes Down Tour 2018’ will be announced in due course.

INTERNAL QUIET promises to deliver a powerful and professional show on their upcoming live performances. Says band in a statement:.

Upcoming shows will be a chance to see the band for the first time in the full stage-sound formula, which we have been eagerly striving for. We have always wondered what it feels like to go on stage as a headline act and be able to present ourselves in full scale live performance. We are going to perform live most of tracks from ‘When The Rain Comes Down’ release plus some new compositions and maybe throwing some surprises here and there that listeners have been asking for. The plans also include some special guests and everything will coincide with the releasing of the vinyl version of our debut cd release, so join us! ‘

When The Rain Comes Down Tour 2018’ will be the culmination of the artistic and promotional activities of the band, supported by rave reviews of the album and enthusiastic response they have from the audience.

The band’s debut ‘When The Rain Comes Down’ (released in the autumn of 2016) have been well received by media and already promoted with 40 concert dates as special guest of Polish hard’n’heavy iconic group TURBO. Since then, INTERNAL QUIET music have been broadcasted on several of the country’s leading radio stations such as Radio Opole, Radio Sygnały, Radio Tczew FM, Radio Malbork, Radio Rzeszów, Radio PIK Bydgoszcz, Radio Olsztyn, Radio Białystok, Radio Łódź, among others.

INTERNAL QUIET delivers intriguing blend of hard rock and traditional heavy metal with small taste of AOR and progressive rock, combined with heavy guitars, rhythm section and remarkable vocals. The group draws their inspiration and energy from the european and american hard’n’heavy, NWOBHM and progressive power music scene in style of Queensrÿche, Crimson Glory, Stratovarius, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Pretty Maids, with the emphasis on the maturity and originality of their own ideas for music and arrangements.

Bandleader and guitarist Sławomir Papis is also a well-known and respected persona in local music scene. Being a guitar endorser of the famous Taurus brand and regular participant in many guitar workshops all over the country, he is also a member of ‘New York Festival 2017/2018’ jury team and excellent record producer in his own Case Studio, where he continues to record and mixing bands to this day. Sławek is also a frequent contributor to Pronet Music, which consists of Pronet Records publishing, Prowinylcd online store, Pro-Radio internet and Artistic Agency dealing in publishing, worldwide distribution and music promotion.


Sławomir Papis – lead guitars
Dominik Kalisz – rhythm guitars
Mateusz Stołowski – bass guitar & backing vocals
Paweł Lachowicz – drums
Maciej ‘Rocker’ Wróblewski – vocals

Tickets for INTERNAL QUIET ‘When The Rain Comes Down Tour 2018’ will go on sale beginning July 1st, 2018.

Please visit and for more details and information to be available shortly.

The itinerary for INTERNAL QUIET ‘‘When The Rain Comes Down Tour 2018” is as follows:

01.09.2018 ZGIERZ / City Of Power Festival, MOSiR

07.09.2018 NOWY TOMYŚL / Pizzburg

08.09.2018 KALISZ / Urwany Film

09.09.2018 POZNAŃ / Blue Note [+special guests TBA]

13.09.2018 GDAŃSK / Wydział Remontowy

14.09.2018 SŁUPSK / Motor Rock Pub

15.09.2018 ELBLĄG / Mjazzga

21.09.2018 CHOJNICE / Pub Wlad

22.09.2018 CIECHANÓW / Fabryka Zgrzyt

28.09.2018 WROCŁAW / Liverpool

29.09.2018 CHORZÓW / Red & Black

30.09.2018 BIELSKO-BIAŁA / Rude Boy

05.10.2018 CZĘSTOCHOWA / Muzyczna Meta

06.10.2018 ŻAGAŃ / Elektrownia

07.10.2018 LUBIN / Ave Cezar

11.10.2018 SZCZECIN / K4 Szczeciński Loft Kultury

13.10.2018 SULĘCIN / U Bulka

19.10.2018 ŁOMŻA / Pop-Art

20.10.2018 WARSZAWA / Choppers Stage Club

27.10.2018 PRZEMYŚL / Fort XXI

09.11.2018 MALBORK / Alternatywa

10.11.2018 IŁAWA / Iowa Music Club

16.11.2018 OPOLE / Radio Opole

17.11.2018 JAROCIN / Spichlerz Polskiego Rocka

24.11.2018 SKARŻYSKO-KAMIENNA / Semafor

30.11.2018 KOŁOBRZEG / Centrala

01.12.2018 KOŚCIERZYNA / Exodus

07.12.2018 SANDOMIERZ / Lapidarium

08.12.2018 SIEDLCE / 5 Sztuk

09.12.2018 ŁÓDŹ / Radio Łódź

Now it’s official!

Now it’s official!
Since today we have some fresh blood in the band. Let us introduce to you Paweł “The Bomb” Lachowicz, new Internal Quiet drummer.
After two weeks of rehearsals together we think that Paweł is the right person in the right place.
The first show in this new line-up will take place in nearest Friday, 20.10.2017 at Eklektik MUSIC FEST in Toruń!

Last year we’ve played a massive tour with our friends of Turbo – about 40 concerts.
It wouldn’t be possible without Radek Jarzyna, who was “borrowed” from the band Moskwa for almost 2 years.\It was a great honor to play with so great drummer like him. Our music on “When the Rain Comes Down” is the great example of his possibilities.
Now we look straight ahead. We have great plans for the nearest future: some few concerts in the new line-up this autumn, to make some new records, and to play another massive tour in 2018!
See You very soon on tour!

Summer Dying Loud 2017!

Summer Dying Loud is behind us.
Thank you so much for coming to our concert. We know that our show has been seen by our fans from Zabrze, Pszczyna, Radom, Rzeszów, Przemyśl, Warsaw, and a very large audience from our region. Thanks again for being with us, it motivates us to create and winds us up to action.
We invite you to next concerts this year and on the upcoming massive tour next year!
Thanks to Tomasz Barszcz (and the whole SDL – You are too many to count you all) for the invitation, and your help! (Y)

It’s Year since our debut album has been released.

“When the Rain Comes Down” has very positive reviews in many portals and magazines, such as Teraz Rock, Metal Mundus – Lepsza Strona Rocka, Tom Deresz Live, Kvlt, Magazyn Gitarzysta, Metal Hammer Polska, Crossfire Metal Webzine, MLWZ, Półka z winylami, Limiter,, Rock Area (, Heavy Metal Pages, Głos24, Hellbellas and many, many more.
On couple of radiostations our album has been “The album of the week”, and still our songs are on the radio playlists!
But afterall, we’re very happy becouse of You, our fans who are with us and gives us Your opinions.
We hope to see you all in front row on the second day of Summer Dying Loud Festival, 9.09.2017.
Please, visit us on, where You can find all fresh news about upcoming dates.
…and not only 😉 At this moment we’re preparing a great surprise for you, which will be available on spring 2018!
Once again thank you for being still with us.


Another great news for us!
Magazyn Gitarzysta gave 8/10 points for our debut album “When the Rain Comes Down” and wrote that it’s one of the best polish albums of last couple years. It’s really amazing to read these words. Thank You so much!

Only Polish languagne !