Now it’s official!

Now it’s official!
Since today we have some fresh blood in the band. Let us introduce to you Paweł “The Bomb” Lachowicz, new Internal Quiet drummer.
After two weeks of rehearsals together we think that Paweł is the right person in the right place.
The first show in this new line-up will take place in nearest Friday, 20.10.2017 at Eklektik MUSIC FEST in Toruń!

Last year we’ve played a massive tour with our friends of Turbo – about 40 concerts.
It wouldn’t be possible without Radek Jarzyna, who was “borrowed” from the band Moskwa for almost 2 years.\It was a great honor to play with so great drummer like him. Our music on “When the Rain Comes Down” is the great example of his possibilities.
Now we look straight ahead. We have great plans for the nearest future: some few concerts in the new line-up this autumn, to make some new records, and to play another massive tour in 2018!
See You very soon on tour!

Summer Dying Loud 2017!

Summer Dying Loud is behind us.
Thank you so much for coming to our concert. We know that our show has been seen by our fans from Zabrze, Pszczyna, Radom, Rzeszów, Przemyśl, Warsaw, and a very large audience from our region. Thanks again for being with us, it motivates us to create and winds us up to action.
We invite you to next concerts this year and on the upcoming massive tour next year!
Thanks to Tomasz Barszcz (and the whole SDL – You are too many to count you all) for the invitation, and your help! (Y)

It’s Year since our debut album has been released.

“When the Rain Comes Down” has very positive reviews in many portals and magazines, such as Teraz Rock, Metal Mundus – Lepsza Strona Rocka, Tom Deresz Live, Kvlt, Magazyn Gitarzysta, Metal Hammer Polska, Crossfire Metal Webzine, MLWZ, Półka z winylami, Limiter,, Rock Area (, Heavy Metal Pages, Głos24, Hellbellas and many, many more.
On couple of radiostations our album has been “The album of the week”, and still our songs are on the radio playlists!
But afterall, we’re very happy becouse of You, our fans who are with us and gives us Your opinions.
We hope to see you all in front row on the second day of Summer Dying Loud Festival, 9.09.2017.
Please, visit us on, where You can find all fresh news about upcoming dates.
…and not only 😉 At this moment we’re preparing a great surprise for you, which will be available on spring 2018!
Once again thank you for being still with us.


Another great news for us!
Magazyn Gitarzysta gave 8/10 points for our debut album “When the Rain Comes Down” and wrote that it’s one of the best polish albums of last couple years. It’s really amazing to read these words. Thank You so much!

Only Polish languagne !


Internal Quiet together with Pronet Music !
With pride and great joy we would like to inform you.
We have established a partnership with the promo and concert agency Pronet Music.
Our joint activities start officially today 17.05.2017.